Heidelberg and the Pfalz Region

Heidelberg together with Mannheim make up the center of the Electoral Palatinate (“Kurpfalz”).

Located at the mouth of the River Neckar in the Rhine plain and in the middle of hills and mounds the city Heidelberg impresses with its large number of green areas and soft climate. Poets and artists of the Romantic period have already fallen for this city so much that they mentioned it in many of their works.

On a walking tour of Heidelberg you can marvel at the numerous sights of this small town, Heidelberg has only 140 000 citizens.

One of the landmarks of Heidelberg is the Heidelberg Castle (“Heidelberger Schloss”)and it invites to visit it. It is one of the most popular ruins of Germany and from here you will have a gorgeous view of the city. You can reach the castle with the Mountain Railway (“Bergbahn”) which makes the way to the castle a stunning experience already for a small price.

A further feature of the town is the Theodor-Heuss-Bridge (“Theodor-Heuss-Brücke”), also known as The Old Bridge (“Die Alte Brücke”).  The Old Bridge, which is often used for postcard themes, connects the Old City with the city quarter Neuenheim. The best view of the Old Bridge can be found from the Philosopher’s Way (“Philosophen Weg”). That magnificent sight shouldn’t be missed by anyone who visits Heidelberg.

The Old University (Alte Universität) as well is worth to be visited. It was founded in 1386, hence it is one of the oldest universities of Europe and the oldest one of Germany.  Many famous people have studied and spent their youth here. Since its foundation the university have influenced and enriched the life in Heidelberg strongly. Even today Heidelberg is one of the most popular university towns.

You can also see the young student if you lay down on the Neckar meadows (Neckarwiesen) when the weather is nice. Here you can just relax and get spoiled by the sun and the ambience.

The Old City is the heart of the town and offers you a lot that could be visited. In the middle of the Old City is the Heiliggeist Church (Heiliggeist Kirche), Heidelberg’s biggest and oldest church. Heidelberg is a great place to sightsee and just to enjoy your time by wandering across the streets. Because the atmosphere of that small town with its half-timbered houses and cobble stone streets affects everyone.


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