Walpurgis Night/ Dance into May in Heidelberg

This week we will say welcome to the month May which will be hopefully with much less rain and much more sunshine than April.

For those who gladly dance into May but do not know anymore why here a refreshment of your knowledge:

The “Dance into May” is an event which takes place in the night from the 30th April to the 1st May a year. Former they celebrated the Walpurgis Night in which all the evil should have been banished by a big fire for being able to conceive the fresh and new. In the course of time the Walpurgis Night was renewed and reformed to the Dance into May. Today they say welcome to the May by a celebration where thousands of people come together, where the music plays and where they drink a lot of the traditional May wine or other alcoholic drinks.

The favorite designation for the celebration of the Walpurgis Night/ Dance into May of the citizens and visitors of Heidelberg is the Thingstätte. Each year a huge group of people of this city of the Electoral Palatinate wander to this Hill of the Saints to celebrate the Walpurgis Night. It is probably the biggest unofficial celebration of Heidelberg which follows the motto: “back to the roots”. Since at that place there is neither any electricity nor commercial selling.

You don’t want to miss it:

69121 Heidelberg

For those who like it more modern there are many other possibilities to celebrate the Dance into May in Heidelberg with friends, family and colleagues. Here just some recommendations:

In Halle 02 it will take place a Ü-30-Party. Beginning is at 9 p.m.

Halle 02 Heidelberg

Güteramtsstr. 2

69115 Heidelberg

In Billy Blues  you can celebrate the May with such music genres as R’n’B, Soul, House and much more. The party begins at 10 p.m.

Billy Blues

Bergheimer Straße 1B

69115 Heidelberg

In Marstallhof from 7 p.m. will take place an open air party with a lot of music and a cheerful atmosphere. The entrance is free.


69117 Heidelberg

We wish you all a great time!

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