A Ramble in Heidelberg

It is getting friendly on the streets. The sun comes more often in sight from behind the dark clouds, the rain take time out, too, and the streets of the town get fuller with people. And that is as it should be! We all should enjoy the rare nice weather to the fullest.

For all those who enjoy to spend their free time in out of doors and who want to discover (anew) Heidelberg are recommended by the Heidelberg environment agency to take a long walk from the Neckar to the Philosopher’s Way.  The ramble shall begin at the Restaurantschiff east of the Theodor – Heuss – Bridge and end at the Philosopher’s Way after a distance of 3km.

The Philosopher’s Way is one of the most popular and well known places with the citizens and tourists of Heidelberg.

At the start the Philosopher’s Way is a very steep way which leads to the Hill of Saints and which stretches almost flatly after a while. From the Philospher’s Way you have a beautiful view over the whole Old Town of Heidelberg, the Heidelberg Castle and the Rhine plain.

One assume that the name of the Philosopher’s Way can be traced back to the Heidelberg’s students who have found this place perfect for walking already back then. In the past the terms “student” and “philosopher” had an identical meaning.

Before 1841 the Philosohper’s Way had been a vineyard alley.

As a support for the ramble the environment agency offers a brochure which contents not only a description of the way but also interesting information about the nature of Heidelberg.

We wish all those who get themselves attracted to do this ramble a lot of fun and a nice and a restful time in Heidelberg.

Such a long walk can make you run out of breath. For getting your strength again as fast as possible you should take a snack along. In this case a perfect snack might be the Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst). Enjoy your day!

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