Tomorrow is the Universal Children’s Day!

Tomorrow is the Universal Children’s Day. In Germany the international Children’s Day, which calls to minds all over the world that children also have their rights, is not an official holiday. Nevertheless, our little darlings will be in the thick of the action. It is very advantageous that this holiday will be a Friday. After all it is the end of the working week, some will maybe have their home time earlier as usual and will be able to take a great action with their kids.

For a family getaway it is appropriate to go to the “Familienspektakel“ in Weststadt at the Wilhelmsplatz, 69115 Heidelberg. There you will find a lot of fun for young but also for old. A variety of table games, sporting games like badminton or table tennis, tires, seesaws and many other things will sweeten you and your children the day.

Or how out a visit at the Heidelberg Königstuhl  “Märchenparadies”? Here children and adults will see the well-known fairy-tales anew.

Whatever you will do tomorrow, be it a visit to the cinema, in the ice cream parlor or just a walk to the play yard, enjoy the time together with your children, and do appreciate them!

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