Public Viewing in Heidelberg

The European Football Championship 2012 keeps the whole Germany in suspense. Tomorrow the German National Team will play against Denmark. What is better than to cheer the team on sitting in a public place with family and friends and a bottle of beer?

It is well known that the population of Heidelberg is very open-minded, companionable and always good for a laugh. Where might it be shown better to advantage than at a collective public viewing of the Championship?

The outdoor location of the Halle o2, which name is Der Garten, invites you all to a public viewing on Sunday the 17th June 2012. The entrance starts at 8:30 p.m. and is free. You will be able to see the game on 3 indoor screens and 6 outdoor screens. All you need is just to bring your friends and come in a fantastic mood. Let’s hope for a good weather! But even if the weather will be bad, don’t worry! Der Garten has a roofed terrace which will bring enough shelter in case of rain.

That’s the address:

Der Garten bei Halle 02

Güteramtstraße 2

69115 Heidelberg

Karlstorbahnhof as well will open its doors for all football fans and just interested people in a public viewing. The Karlstorbahnhof has been persisting since 1955, hence, it is one of the younger centers of culture of Germany. Here you will be able to watch the game Germany against Denmark on a big screen in the hall as well as in the foyer. The entrance is free again. The game starts at 8:45 p.m.

Karlstorbahnhof Saal

Am Karlstor 1

69117 Heidelberg

Marstallhof as well will make its screens ready to watch. Several thousands of seats will be ready for taking place at. You can follow all the games of the European Football Championship 2012 here. Don’t miss this public viewing!

Marstallhof 1

69117 Heidelberg

Public viewing in Heidelberg has been one of the most popular events since the World Championship 2006.  Of course other restaurants, pubs and bars than just mentioned are opened for a public viewing, too. Such are: Volcano, O’ReillysThannerVorghof & GartenHorn of Africa u.v.m.

Just make your choice!

Enjoy the public viewing in Heidelberg!

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