Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG

Since the rebuilt of the former brewery “Schaaf” in 1998 the brewery “Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG“ is a connection between a brewery, a brew house and an hotel today. The inn “Zum Sepple” has been also a part of the “Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG” since 2011. Isn’t that like a dream for every guest of the brewery? In this place everything you need for comfortable and relaxing holidays combines. You will have the chance to get to know the history of the town Heidelberg in all its facets. The hotel namely is located not very far from the Heidelberg Castle. This way you can enjoy a fresh brewed beer and a delicious palatine dishes right after a long walk through the town. For the brewery and the inn are so nearby you will simply be able to adjourn to your room, to rest and to collect your strength for a new, adventurous day. You will find accommodation in the hotel “Kulturbrauerei Heidlberg AG” in 43 rooms which are rentable for different prices depending on your wish for usage.


Don’t miss your chance to visit it while staying in Heidelberg!

Kulturbrauerei Heidelberg AG
Leyergasse 6
69117 Heidelberg

Tel.:      +49 6221 502980
Fax:       +49 6221 5029879
E-Mail: info@heidelberger-kulturbrauerei.de



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