“Heidelberg” by Joseph Mallord William Turner


Joseph Mallors William Turner was an English artist during the period of romantic. Today he is seen as the pioneer of the impressionism because his works have served as an inspiration for many artists of this style. The artist created his works very fast. This way it was possible for him to bequeath over 20 000 works to the British state after his death.


Next to his passion for water and ships he captured in his works also the beauty of the town Heidelberg. In the painting below in the left corner of the picture you can see the reigning couple Friedrich V. and his wife Elizabeth Stuart, the oldest daughter of the English King James I.. This couple reigned in the beginning of the 17th century but lost their power in 1620. Behind the royal couple you can see the Heidelberg Castle on the hilly landscape. In the foreground of the painting we see a crowd which symbolizes the affection for entertaining events of the royal couple.  In the background you can again detect the magnificent, hilly landscape of Heidelberg. The glaring sun is probably the symbol for the warm weather of Heidelberg.

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