Palatinate Festivals

Dou you already have plans for the weekend? It seems like the weather will be nice in the next days. So why don’t you take your friends or family with you and make a trip in the Pfalz?

Here we have a little overview of some interesting events you could go to:

06.07. – 08.07. Fischerfest in Ellerstadt

06.07. – 08.07. Wein- und sektsymposium in Herxheim am Berg

06.07. – 08.07. Altstadtfest in Kaiserslautern

06.07. – 08.07. Landauer Sommer in Landau

06.07. – 08.07. Eselshautfest in NW – Mußbach

06.07. – 08.07. Weinfest in der Pergola in St. Martin

06.07. – 09.07. Weinfest in Battenberg

06.07. – 10.07. Kerwe in Gommersheim

07.07. – 08.07. Dagoberttafel in Frankenweiler

07.07. – 09.07. Reiterfest in Kleinbundenbach

07.07. – 10.07. Kuckuckskerwe in Enkenbach

07.07. – 10.07. Bürstenbinderkerwe in Ramberg

08.07.                Triftfest in Frankenstein/Waldleiningen

08.07.                Roll- un Schlapp-Daach in Offenbach

Doesn’t it sound like an extensive and exciting program? All you need is just to choose your target and here you go!

If the travel is dragging on you should try the Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) as snack. It is especially delicious if you’ll eat it on bread.

We wish you a sunny day!

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