Guided Tour of the Heidelberg University

In the next days the weather is expected to be nice. In such circumstances you should not stay at home in no case. You shouldn’t spend your time in a closed room as well.

On Saturday 11th August 2012, at 2:30 p.m., there will be a guided tour of the old parts of the Heidelberg University. Anyone who is interested will get to know everything about the history of the oldest University of Germany here. Besides one will have the chance to see among other things the Old Auditorium (Alte Aula), the University Library and the campus prison which, by the way, was used 1778 to 1914.

The tour will approximately endure one and a half hours and will be held in German. Meeting point is the Universitätsplatz am Löwenbrunnen, in 69117 Heidelberg.

You can get the tickets on the spot for 8€ for adults and for 6,50€ reduced.

Studentenkarzer Alte Universität Heidelberg


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