Wine Kerwe in Landau

The next weekend is expected to be warm again, if not even hot! With such weather you should not sit at home.


There will take place a Wine Kerwe in Landau – Dammheim from 17th August to 20th August 2012.


Do celebrate a festival with the zappy and sociable Landau citizens and that will maybe not only your senses of taste which will be allured.


The crop area of vine of Landau is about 2000 ha. Consequently Landau is one of the biggest wine-growing municipalities of Germany. Landau is surrounded by six old wine villages which add to the wealthy of the viniculture of Landau. The Wines of these wine villages are well known and always welcome on Wine Kerwe Festivals, Wine Markets and other Wine Events. Some of those wines are e.g. Burgunder, Silvaner, Riesling with the associated names of the viticulturists like “Wollmesheimer Mütterle“ or “Nußdorfer Herrenberg“. Those of you who are coming to Landau from a longer way away should not forget to take along some refreshment to go. And what will be better than some vegetables, fruits and a Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) on bread?

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