Zum Güldenen Schaf – Heidelberg’s historical Event Restaurant

Heidelberg has a lot of good restaurants with delicious food but not every restaurant has a domestic museum and makes special events. The family business promises kind and welcoming service in a historical – decorative ambience. This restaurant, which was founded in 1749, serves food both traditional and modern. In the restaurant “Zum Güldenen Schaf” your palate will not only be pleasured by such German specialties as Saumagen with sauerkraut and fried potatoes, potato soup and many other German dishes but here you can also enjoy such exclusive food as escargots in homemade herb sauce or king prawns al ajillo and much more. On the drink menu you can find almost every drink you want be it with or without alcohol, from milk to rum you can have it all. The wine menu, too, leaves nothing to be desired. Chosen wines of the town and the region like the Heidelberger Dachsbucker, Sauvignon Blanc from the year 2010, Riesling from Schloss Reinhartshausen and much more good wines are served in this restaurant.

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