Weinfröhliche Elwedritsche-Jagt in Neustadt

Now your spontaneity is needed! Hurry to the eventful Elwedritsche-Jagt (Elwedritsche Hunt) in the Pfalz city Neustadt!

The hunt will take place tomorrow, 24th August 2012, at 9 p.m.. Meeting point is at the Haardter Winzer. The costs for the event will amount to 18€ per person.

ATTENTION! Advance notification one day before the event until 5 p.m. is required! You can register by a phone call at 06321/ 92 68 92.

And that is what awaits you at the Elwedritsche Hunt:

The event starts with a welcoming drink and an instruction into the art of the “Dritschology“. Afterwards you will take the equipment you need for the hunt, which consists of lantern, stick and bag, and head to the wild. The think you will look for is a Palatinate fabulous creature which is named Elwedritsche. It is rumored to be very shy. That is why it can be hunted only after dark. The Elwedritsches hide in the underwood and can be attracted with the light of a lantern and the sounds “Tritsch, tritsch”. So, be mindful of your lanterns, you will need them! You can attract the Elwedritsche by making noise with your sticks by beating them onto the trees as well. This hunt is a promising game connected with delicious regional wine and music.

Don’t be upset if you do not manage to take part in the tomorrow’s hunt. You will have the chance to do so on 07th September 2012 and on 12th October 2012.

Elwetritsche-Brunnen, Neustadt

Wir wünschen euch viel Spaß bei dieser unvergesslichen Jagt-Aktion!


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