“Blick auf Heidelberg” by Bernhard Fries

The German landscape artist Bernhard Fries was born in 1820 in Heidelberg and died in 1879 in Munich. Frees began his artistic education at the artist Karl Coopmann and continued it in Italy, Munich and Düsseldorf. After his stay in Rome he came back home. His most important works are paintings of Italy and its landscapes. Fries managed it to capture his home town Heidelberg as well.

The painting Blick auf Heidelberg“ is one of those works. Fries chose an rather unusual perspective for his painting of Heidelberg. In the picture you can see one part of the city and the Old Bridge from far away fogged in the left edge of the painting.  The very interesting part seems to be the presentation of the clouds. It seems as though they are moving. In this way it feels like you are right inside the picture, in Heidelberg nearby the water.


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