Song Slam in Heidelberg

Heidelberg, the city of students and romantics, was often mentioned in poems which were written two or more centuries ago. Today lyric seems not to be contemporary anymore. Or does it?

Wouldn’t you say lyric and poesy are still contemporary but just appear not in the traditional form as we know it from Goethe, Heine and Shakespeare? Nevertheless, poems are still alive but in a far modern way. People recite them freely on stages in front of audiences. This new form of poetry is the so called poetry slam.

A slam is a competition between participants who compete in a specific form of poetry. The first kind of slam is the poetry slam. It was founded in 1986 in Chicago/ USA and became one of the most popular competitive performances of the world in a short period of time.

At the slam the current participant on stage has the chance to present his self-written text in front of an audience within a certain timeframe. In the end of the competition the audience chooses the winner. Hence, not only the participants are proactive but also the audience takes an active part in the slam. For being able to judge suitably the attendances the audience members have to listen precisely to the words, music and have to feel and to see things from the participant’s perspective.

Today they offer such minor arts events in various cultural conditions. So, e.g. they will be a Song Slam in Heidelberg on Thursday, 27th September 2012 at 7:30 p.m. in the Kulturfenster. The Song Slam functions exactly like the poetry slam: the attendances have to present a self-written song within 7 minutes on stage. Musical accompaniment has also to be realized by the participants themselves. Anyone who wants to see himself or herself on stage is welcome to preregister or just to come round spontaneously at 7 p.m. and register at the ticket office. From September on the Song Slam will take place every fourth Thursday in the odd-numbered months. The entrance costs 5€ at the door, in advance it will be only 3€.

If interested come round here:


Kirchstr. 16

69115 Heidelberg


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