Black Pudding with Fried Potatoes and Kraut

A tasty dish can be prepared with small effort. You can cook a delicious dish of potatoes and black pudding. For that you will just need:

  • 500g Black Pudding
  • 500g Potatoes
  • 100g Onions
  • Oil
  • Salt and Pepper, poss. Marjoram

Peel the potatoes, cook them in a pot and slice them small.

Peel and chop also the onions and sweat them lightly with oil in a pan. Add the potato slices to the onions. Now spice it all with salt, pepper and marjoram to taste and brown it until the potatoes are crusty.

Now fry also the black pudding in a bit of oil until it is crispy. Therefor you can use again the oil which was used for the potatoes and onions or use a new, clean pan. Earlier you should get the potatoes and onions out from the pan and keep them warm.

After the black pudding is ready you can mix all ingredients and serve the dish with (or without, as you wish) kraut.



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