Blick auf das Heidelberger Schloss by Carl Anton J. Rottmann

The artist Carl Rottmann was born in 1797 in Handschuhsheim which today is one of the most populated districts of Heidelberg. Rottman died in 1850 in Munich. He originates in a painters family and became the most famous painter of his family for his artistic works. Until 1821 Carl Rottmann learned the art of landscape painting from his father who was an art professor at the Heidelberg University. In this time Carl Rottmann created some works in which he used Heidelberg as model. Among them this painting, which portrays the Heidelberg Castle, emerged. The origin of the painting „Blick auf das Heidelberger Schloss“ (= View to the Heidelberg Castle) is dated to 1815. This work has been painted with feather and watercolors. The Heidelberg Castle, which can be seen from far away, you find in the middle of the painting. The castle is framed by scenic and dreamy drawings of the green, hilly landscape of the Heidelberg city. The painting conveys viewers the impression that one can look down from above to the Heidelberg Castle and to the widths of the Neckar River.

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