Liver dumplings with kraut and mashed potatoes

Which of us is not familiar with this situation: We got hungry but there is no time or we just do not feel like investing much power and effort for cooking.

If it has to be done quickly you can produce a meal at speed. You just have to know which ingredients can be combined. A Palatinate man knows it. All you will need for a fast prepared, substantial and tasty table is:

What to do:

Peel, cook and mash the potatoes. Or just use instant mashed potatoes if you are not feeling like cooking at all.

Then just buy a tin of kraut.

Only one is lacking now: the liver dumplings. You also can buy them already prepared or do them by yourself. But for it has to be a fast prepared meal you’d better use the liver dumplings of Cornelius Wurstwaren. Cornelius’ liver dumplings are not only made after a traditional German recipe but they also taste as though they are prepared freshly.

All in all you can have a traditional German meal in a matter of seconds.

Enjoy your meal!

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