Cornelius – History and Production


ob_geschichteThe Cornelius Company was founded in 1947 by Frieda und Ludwig Cornelius in Mannheim. First the company was a kind of butchery. The marketing began with the sale of the self-made sausage which was produced by Frida’s father Arno Phillip Wettengel. At that time the best sold product was the Pfälzer Leberwurst which was produced according to the father’ own recipe.

In 1965 Willi Cornelius, who was the then leader of the Cornelius Sausages Products Butchery, relocated the main office of the Cornelius Company from Mannheim to Hockenheim.  After 1965 the butchery has grown to a real company. The Cornelius Sausage Products have now been available nationally. The prosperity of the company followed a further development of the recipe of the sausage products.

In 2001 has been anew a change in the administration. The siblings Peter GeschwisterCornelius und Petra Cornelius-Morjan have taken the administration of the Cornelius Company.  The new administration havs extended the product line to Convenience, Bio and Light Specialties.


The Pfälzer Leberwurst of Cornelius is produced of fresh pork liver, high quality pork meat, bacon, fresh onions, iodized salt and mixed spices. The mixed spices consist of nutmeg, pepper, marjoram, cardamom, lovage and coriander.

They mince the liver at the production of the liverwurst. Afterwards they heat the meat and add the other ingredients. Then they bind the liverwurst either in a natural casing or an artificial sausage casing. A one-hour cooking procedure 375755_282913595149608_69121324_nfollows. Kippered products pass through a smoking at beech wood.

The Palatinate Sausage Specialties of Cornelius are gluten free and lactose free.


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