Cornelius – The Company

The Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) is as is well known one of the culinary specialties of the Palatinate cuisine. Today they sell the Pfälzer Leberwurst in all of Germany. At the moment there are some meat traders who produce and sell the Pfälzer Leberwurst. However, one company shall here be presented explicitly because this one produces high quality Palatinate sausage products, cares about a best possible customer satisfaction and has a long family tradition!

The name of the company is “Cornelius”. Cornelius – Feine Pfälzer Wurstspezialitäten“ is a company from Hockenheim(Baden Würtemberg) specializing in production of Palatinate Sausage Prducts. The Cornelius Company was founded in 1947 and has been existed for 3 generations.

zur StartseiteThe logo of Cornelius is a seal like graphical illustration consisting of the colors blue and white and the words: “Cornelius – Orininal Spezialitäten”.

According to the changes in the company the loge changed, too. However, they retained the color blue for memorizing the roots of the company and for keeping the recognition value. They renewed the lettering of the logo. This mirrors the modern and forward-looking lifestyle.


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