Cornelius – Pfälzer Liverwurst & Co.

The Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) is on everyone’s lips. But what makes it so popular? Very simple, because it is so tasty and it has been belonging to the traditional Palatinate Cuisine for years. Preferably they eat the liverwurst spread on bread.  It will also let your mouth watering, if it is roasted gently. The liverwurst owes its grey color to the lack of pickling salt.

There are many sausage traders who produce the Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) but no one makes the Palatinate Specialty Sausages as delicious as Cornelius Wurstwaren GmbH. And there is something that pleases the most: in addition to the Pfälzer Liverwurst Cornelius produces other sausage specialties like Pfälzer Bauernblutwurst (Palatinate Black Pudding), Pfälzer Leberrolle (Palatinate LiverRolls) and Pfälzer Leberknödel (Palatinate Liver Dumplings).


The Specialty Sausages of Cornelius Wurstwaren are made without any additives and without any flavor enhancer. Besides, most of the Specialty Sausages of Cornelius Wurstwaren are suitable for allergy sufferers because the products are gluten-free and lactose-free.

Just try it to be sure!


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