Palatinate Wines

The Palatinate owes its variety of wine sorts to the Romans who have planted the first vines approximately 5000 years ago. Today it is the biggest closed wine-growing area in Germany which is 23.000 ha large. Bland climate and nutrient-rich soil offer a perfect basis for winegrowing.

Meanwhile, one German wine bottle of three is produced in the Palatinate. Today among the permitted 45 sorts of white wine and 22 sorts of red wine the Riesling dominates.  Roughly 22% of crop area is dedicated to the precious white wine. Since the 1990is the ultimate aim of the Palatinate wine have not been the quantity but the quality. A range of awards received at wine festivals, trade shows and international competitions register the successes of the new order of priority of the Palatinate vintners.

The Palatinate is geographically divided into different areas, the so called Weinstraßen: The southern Weinstraße and the Mittelhaardt – Deutsche Weinstraße.

Along the Weinstraße visiters have many possibilities to enjoy the Palatinate wine at different stations. One of such stations is Bad Dürkheim where also the biggest wine festival and the annual meat market take place.


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