Pfälzer Liverwurst (Leberwurst)

The “Pfälzer Leberwurst” (liverwurst from Palatinate) is one of the culinary specialties of the Electoral Palatinate.

The “Pfälzer Leberwurst” has been produced for a long time in Electoral Palatinate and still enjoys great popularity. As early as 1858 you were able to look the delicious recipes for the “Pfälzer Leberwurst” up in the book “Pfälzer Kochbuch. Eine Sammlung von 1002 praktisch bewährten Kochrecepten aller Art” (Palatinate cookbook. A collection of 1002practical established cooking recipes of all kind).

COR_SortimentThe “Pfälzer Leberwurst” is made of pork, and as the name already implies, of pork liver. As they do not use any kind of preservatives and artificial colors in production of the “Pfälzer Leberwurst” it has a natural grey coloration. Besides it makes the “Pfälzer Lebewurst” so delicious. The spice blend consisting of nutmeg, pepper and marjoram gives the liverwurst its typical taste.

Anyone who does not want to miss other Palatinate specialty sausages should miss the Dürkheimer Wurstmarkt which takes place in Bad Dürkheim a year. It is the biggest meat market in the Electoral Palatinate and worth visiting.


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