The Pfalz (Palatinate) is a region in the south of Germany. It is located in the south of Rhineland-Palatinate (Rheinland-Pfalz). The Palatinate is georgaphically subdivided into Northern, Western, Anterior and Southern Palatinate. The western and northern Palatinate are part of landscapes with many uplands, whereas the Anterior and southern Palatinate are rather flat and also heavily populated.

The Palatinate is the home country of the „Deutsche Weinstraße“  which is approximately 85km long. The „Deutsche Weinstraße“  makes up the largest part of the palatine wine-growing area.

One of the remarkable things of Palatinate is among other things the climate. Here clement and humid climate predominates which makes possible to grow plants that are usually known from the southern countries. Some of these plants are e.g. grapes, figs, almond trees and much more. For that reason in the tourist trade and the advertising business they call the eastern Palatine “German Tuscany”.

Departing from the geographic characterization in the tourist trade they subdivide the Palatinate into “Urlaubsregion Pfälzer Bergland” (Holiday Region Palatine Uplands), “Naturpark Pfälzerwald” (Nature Park Palatine Forest), “Ferienrgion Deutsche Weinstraße” (Holiday Region Deutsche Weinstraße) and “Urlaubsregion Rheinebene” (Holiday Region Rhine Plain).


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