Palatinate Cuisine

Anyone who does not know the Palatinate cuisine yet has to adjust himself for a partly solid cooking. The reason why the Palatinate cooking is so solid is among other things that most of the recipes were invented in times of crises accompanied by hard physical labor. Thus, in such times when nourishing food should give the body enough power fast and effectively. Potatoes, pork, kraut, onions, leeks and spring onions are the most favorite and most commonly used foods of the Palatinate cooking. In general they rather use seasonal vegetables of the relative region.

The most known Palatinate dish is probably the Saumagen. This dish is cooked of lean pork and sausage meat, potatoes and spices to taste like pepper, marjoram, nutmeg and onions. The pork is mostly cured, the potatoes diced or minced and blanched. All of these ingredients are combined and put into the Saumagen, which is pig’s stomach and which is used for cooking like a cooking pot. After all what is in the pig’s stomach inside is cooked, they slice the Saumagen into pieces and serve the dish. Now it can be consumed. Apropos, the Saumagen is the favorite dish of the former German Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl.

Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate liverwurst), coarse brats, liver dumplings (pal.: Läwwerknedel), black puddings (pal.: Grieweworsch) and meatballs (pal.: Flääschknepp) are also very popular.

They use potatoes in the Palatinate cuisine almost in every form and in every dish: it doesn’t matter whether as fried potatoes (pal.: Gebreedelde) with liverwurst or bacon bits, as jacket potatoes with curd (pal.: Gequellde mit weiße Kees), onions, leek, pepper or caraway seeds or as potato soup. Potatoes are a must in the Palatinate cuisine.

A futher classic dish of the Palatinate cooking is the Dampfnudel (pal.: Dambnudle). It is eaten traditionally with a salty crackling. It is served with many different garnishes no matter whether they are sweet or salty, like e.g. with boiled down fruits, vanilla sauce etc. or with salty things like potatoes or goulash etc.

The Palatinate people like to snack on Weck, Worscht un Woi (= bun, sausage and wine). This small dish is most of all popular among workers in the vineyards.


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