An old saying of Heidelberg goes:

Ai laaf juh, juh laaf mie. laafe ma zamme, wu laafe ma hie?

(I love you, you love me, if we walked together where would we be?)

The dialect of the Electoral Palatinate connects the people living here. The Pepole of the Electoral Palatinate are less an ethnic group but just speaker of the same language. This kind of dialect is spoken on the right site of the Palatinate on the Rhine. There are only insignificant differences between the dialect of the Elelctoral Palatinate and the actual Palatinate.

 The  captivating beauty of the landscapes of the Electoral Palatinate and the univesity of Heidelberg have always made this region a lively place.

 In Heidelberg, the town with the oldest university of Germany, you can find in addition to old-established citizens of Heidelberg, who mostly live in the Old City, young  people and especially students. The students have shaped the urban image for centuries. Besides they also lay on diversified cultural offerings and varied night life.

This mix of old and young makes the seeming humble and  dreamy Old City of Heidelberg such a livable place. Besides in Heidelberg basically a high educational level dominates because many academics live here like they hardly do in an other German city.

The heart of Heidelberg have rather a conservative political attitude. Many student’s fraternities, which even today often attend old traditions, give a good example for it.

Even fancy things can be found in Heidelberg, f.e. in the city quarter Neuenheim. It is a rich district of Heidelberg where the wealthy citizens of Heidelberg are enjoying a good view of the Heidelberg Castle.

Despite the urbanity which the university and the prospering tourism bring along Heidelberg does not have the atmosphere of a big city. Heidelberg stays homely and often you see people you have met before a second time.

Many good wines from the Electoral Palatine and the Palatine make people true epicureans who know the true value of a wine.

Tourists as well are here with increasing frequency to enjoy good wines, the landscapes and the pleasant climate. They all are welcome and are today a part of the  city image as well as the students.


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