Heidelberg Hotel Hirschgasse

Many people choose to visit Heidelberg in their holidays. And it is justified because Heidelberg has plenty to offer. In Heidelberg you can not only see sights but also spend a night in one of them.

The hotel “Hirschgasse” for example is such a sight. It is not only the oldest hotel of Heidelberg but at the same time the oldest student’s duel house of Germany. The last fencing bouts between students in this house took place in 1979. Today you can find luxury suites in the Hirschgasse which can be rented as required. There are available the Junior Suites (20 – 25km²), the Deluxe Suites (26 – 32km²) and the Salon Suites (42 – 61km²). Besides here you can enjoy the local delicacies in two restaurants: in the “Mensurstube” and the “Le Gourmet”. According to your wish you can also take your meal at the Rosenterrasse (Rose Terrace).  This one is also suited for a relaxing stay in the evening with a glas of wine that was produced in the in-house vineyard „Sonnenseite ob der Bruck“.

The hotel Hirschgasse is located in the mansion district of Neuenheim at the way up to the Philosopher’s Way. Starting at the hotel you can reach the Old City of Heidelberg within 10 minutes.

Most of the visitors leave the hotel recovered and pleased. But you should convince yourself of it on your own.

We wish all visitors a relaxing and pleasing time in Heidelberg!


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