Heidelberg Legend of the knight’s jump

Today in the ground of the great balcony in the Friedrichsbau of the Heidelberg Castle you can see an imprint which is similar to a footprint. Nowadays this imprint is a kind of attraction for the little and the grown up tourists. Most of the people who see this imprint put their feet into this hole and look whether their own shoe fits in or how much is missing to fill the imprint with the own shoe.   This place with the footprint in the ground of the balcony is rumored to be the place where came up the legend of the knight’s jump. According to the legend it is said to have been an event with many visitors, music and wine and unfortunately for all participants also a big fire.  Most of the people left as fast as possible the castle, so they were lucky to escape. Only one knight who did not know the premises of the castle was trapped by the fire and could not leave the house timely. The only way for his escape was to jump out of the window onto the balcony. It is exactly this leap of the knight which is today said to be the reason for the imprint in the ground of the great balcony of the Heidelberg Castle. So, that is why it is called the knight’s jump.


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