Heidelberg‘s Statue of Madonna at the Kornmarkt


When Karl Philip, who was first territorial prince, had taken control over Electoral Palatinate in 1685 he tried to bring the mainly Protestant Electoral Palatinate under a stronger Catholic influence. Therefor they distribute Catholic leaflets among the people, they organized Catholic demonstrations and pilgrimages, and they set Statues of Madonna in many places of the Electoral Palatinate. Likewise there is a statue of Madonna in Heidelberg. The territorial prince appointed Maria to be the patroness of the Electoral Palatinate. Hence, the statue at the Kornmarkt became the central place of worship.   Nevertheless, the statue of Madonna in Heidelberg got lost its significance because most of the Protestants who has lived in Heidelberg and the Electoral Palatinate preferred to leave than to be Catholic.


Today the statue of Madonna in Heidelberg is just an ornament. Its strong religious aspect associated with the religious importance does not exist anymore.


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