Heidelberger Studentenkuss

The oldest café of Heidelberg is called “Knösel” and is located in the Old City, Haspelgasse 16. It was founded in 1862 by the chocolatier and confectioner Fridolin Knösel. Today the café pleases Heidelberg’s people with its masterpieces.

Probably the most known and loved confection of this café and confectionery is the “Heidelberger Studentenkuss”. “Studentenkuss” can be translated from German as “student kiss”. That confection has a charming and unique story.  It was invented in the 17th century by Fridolin Knösel, the founder of the café. His visitors were mainly young women with their chaperones and young male students. The founder of the café saw that the girls and boys looked at each other secretly and flirtatiously but did not have the courage to do more than just look. So, Fridolin Knösel had the idea to invent a new kind of confection which would be a symbol of affection and adoration in the form of a little present. Anyone who has gotten that little present of the chocolate “Heidelberger Studentenkuss” could hope for more than just a glance.

Even today they produce that chocolate named “Heidelberger Studentenkuss”. It is produced handmade and contains a chocolate nougat cream filling, waffle floor and a dark chocolate glaze. At it they use only natural ingredients without any additives.

A couple of years ago they rebuilt the café. In addition to the delicious cake, coffee and confection the café Knösel offers in total 6 rooms for rent.

At that place you can find the café Knösel with its masterpieces the “Heidelberger Studentenkuss”:

Chocoladenmanufaktur & Chocolaterie

Haspelgasse 16

69117 Heidelberg



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