Heidelberg’s S – Printing – Horse

The S – Printing – Horse is one of the newer landmarks of Heidelberg. Since 2000 this huge horse sculpture has been standing in front of the Print Media Academy of Heidelberg. The S – Printing – Horse is even the biggest horse sculpture of the world. It has a weight of 90 tones and is 13 meters high, 15 meters long and 4 meters wide. The horse, which is made of noble metal and aluminum, was designed by the sculptor Jürgen Goertz.

The S – Printing – Horse is a metaphoric symbol for the three processes of the print media printing. The horse’s eyes are the symbol of the prepress which is the scanning of the setting copies. In the night the eyes of the horse are illuminated by three different colors, so it looks like the eyes are gleaming. The round barrel of the horse represents the essential cycle of the printing Heidelberg S-Printing-Horseprocess.  The object which looks like a mask in the middle of the barrel signifies the warden who watches the printing processes. The end of the horse sculpture, i.e. its tail, epitomizes symbolically a book which stands for the processing of the print. The S – Printing – Horse has only three legs that again shows that they are only three major processes of the print. The round holes in the horse sculpture’s neck represent the boreholes at the side panel of a printing press. The circles on the shoulder blades, which are half-moon alike, are said to portray wings which are also known from the mythological horse Pegasus. The wings are a symbol of inspiration and imagination of the poet, whose works are to spread with the help of a print, but also a symbol for the speed of the horse and so of the printing process.


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