Come across to neighbors

You are a native Heidelberg citizen or just on a visiting tour of Heidelberg? You think you have already seen all what you could see in Heidelberg and you want experience more? So, how about a trip to the neighborhood, to the Black Forest?  It will offer you beautiful and promising landscapes as well as Heidelberg does.

Don’t forget to pack some snacks for the travel. Pfälzer Leberwurst (Palatinate Liverwurst) of Cornelius Wurstwaren will be perfect in this case. Enjoy your sightseeing tour!

Activity Holiday in Germany

Go rambling, cycling, do mountainbike and rafting tours, go climbing and skiing – activity holidays become more and more popular. Only a small number do want to lie the whole day in beach chairs, to stuff oneself and to come back home with a few extra pounds. Most people have recognized long ago that the best way to relax is to be active or even to book a “Bio-Hotel”.

Those people who decide upon active holidays they want to let fresh air into their lungs, they want to feel the warmth of the sun on their skin and they want to do something for their bodies. Sports holiday offer a lot of opportunities. Anyone who has ever been wishing to try new kinds of sport will be able to do so with the help of educated trainers on the activity holiday.  Those who have been doing their hobbies for a long time will be able to get some new stimuli, can get better in it or exercise in another surroundings.

The region of South Germany is especially popular with those who prefer activity holiday. Deep forests, clear seas and the beautiful panorama of the mountains invite to do sports in the nature and fresh air. There are countless opportunities to be physically active from the Lake Constance to the Lake Chiemsee and from the Allgäu Alps to the Bavarian Forest.

foto-hotel-reppert-2.jpg (448×259)

Hotel Reppert

How about an activity holiday in Franken for example? Here visitors can experience culture and adventure. Here ramblers, paddler and climber will find many opportunities which the wild and romantic nature holds ready.

foto-hotel-reppert.jpg (1024×683)

Hotel Reppert

Anyone who will book a Hotel in the Black Forest will have many possibilities for experiences. There you will found many well paved paths – it is like an El Dorado for ramblers.  Cycling, surfing, sailing, paragliding, soaring, climbing, riding and water sports as well are on the program. In the Upper Bavaria as well climber will of course get their money’s worth because here are many via ferrata in different difficulty levels. In the winter the possibilities are inexhaustible. You will be able to do langlauf, to luge and to experience alpine skiing. That is the perfect place for snow fans who will find here all requirements for their holiday, often even in special activity holiday hotels.


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