Deidesheim Weinkerwe

A “Weinkerwe” is a wine festival. “Kerwe” can be also translated as parish fair. The Weinkerwe of the Palatine town Deidesheim, county Bad Dürkheim, is an annual happened event that rushes to bring pleasure every year.  This year it will take place from 09.08.2012 to 13.08.2013 and from 16.08.2013 to 20.08.2013.

The Weinkerwe of Deidesheim has a long tradition. Since 1972 the Weinkerwe has been organized in the present form of celebration. However, its origin dates back to the late 18th century. In 1776 the then territorial prince allowed to host a fair which was held at the end of September of the same year. In 1845 the fair was postponed to a later date, namely to the November. So, the fair was mostly held a couple of days before the festivity of the “Saint Catherine of Alexandria”. Precisely for that reason the fair has been called “Saint Catherine’s Fair”. Not until 1928 has been the fair adjourned to the summer month August. The fair became a “Weinkerwe” not until 1955 and remained for a long time unsuccessfully. But when the celebration of the Weinkerwe was moved into the streets of the town, like it was commonly in other towns, too, the Weinkerwe has developed into one of the most popular wine festival of Germany.

The Deidesheim Weinkerwe proceeds every year according to a traditional pattern: owner of different vineyards and vintner’s cooperatives et al. position portable bars and stands in the Bahnhofstraße which serves as the “Wine Alley” (ger.: Weingasse).  Many vineyards, positioned along the Weinstraße, are opened. During the Weinkerwe it is not allowed to serve other alcoholic drinks but wine.

The Weinkerwe begins on Friday with a public Riesling wine degustation in the Historical City Hall. The Kerwe Parade takes place on Saturday unlike in the other Palatine towns. The official opening of the Deidesheim Weinkerwe begins with a traditional “Kerweredd”, an introductory speech in the Palatine dialect. Next up they mount the “Kerwebaum”, an approx. 20meters long spruce decorated with small, colored ribbons at the end of the tree. This tree stands as long as the celebration of the Weinkerwe lasts, on Tuesday they saw the spruce off. Finely they auction the top of the “Kerwebaum” in the evening at the so called “Heimatabend” which takes place in the vineyard of Winning.


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