German Wine Routes

“Deutsche Weinstraße” (German Wine Route)

The „Deutsche Weinstraße“ (German Wine Route) is  the oldest wine route of Germany. The street, which has been existed since 1935, is traversed by several wine-growing municipalities, grape vines and many vintner towns. Many other German wine routes, such as the Baden Weinstraße, were constructed according to the example of the “Deutsche Weinstraße”.

The “Deutsche Weinstraße” is 85km long and runs from south to north. It starts in Schweigen-Rechtenbach and ends in Bockenheim at the house of the “Deutsche Weinstraße”. A yellow, rectangular sign features the „Deutsche Weinstraße“. On that sign the words „Deutsche“ and „Weinstraße“ are separated by a graphical presentation of grapes.

Nowadays the term “Deutsche Weinstraße” is used not only for the street. Both locals and tourists spend with pleasure here their holidays. In the tourism the “Deutsche Weinstraße” is a favorite holiday resort. Especially the middle of the “Deutsche Weinstraße”, which is said to be located in Neustadt – Diedesfeld, is often emphasized in the tourism. Here you can find many inviting restaurants and taverns as well as boardinghouses where you can relax and where you will feel comfortable. A nice time you will have by taking a walk, having a wine degustation and visiting wine festivals.

The “Deutsche Weinstraße” is definitely worth seeing. Do not miss the chance to visit it.


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