Dürkheim Meat Market

The time has come! The biggest Wine Festival of the World will take place in Dürkheim, a Palatinate town lying at the German Weinstraße, from 07th to 11th September and  from 14th to 17th September 2012.

The festival is organized yearly and will happen this year for the 596th time.

Historians estimate the date of the origin of the market at 1477. It is said the market did not bear the today’s name back then. The initial name was “Michaelsmarkt“ and harked back to the Michaelsberg (Michael’s Hill), which is located 1km away from Bad Dürkheim. Annually many pilgrims travelled to this hill for praying at the statue of the Saint Michael. This way the pilgrimages helped the emergence of a time-proven market tradition, because even back then peasants, vintners, merchants, musicians and gleemen offered their services to the pilgrims.

Finally the market was shaped into an official Church Consecration Festival in 1449.  Since that time one have found not only Palatinate wine and food there but also a rich offer of many different goods like fur, coats, diverse  metal and timber products, fruits, textile goods and much more.

Since the market has grown in the course of years and got too huge for the Michael’s Hill they replaced it in 1577 to the Brühlwiesen which could offer far more place with its 45 000 m². That is still the place where the market takes place today.

In the early 19th century the importance of the merchants faded. The general interest redeployed to amusement and attractions. Thus, now one could meet at the market (which by the way officially belonged to Bad Dürkheim after 1797/98) circus, carrousels, fire-eater, theater and musicians. The byname “Meat” the market got because of its huge consumption of sausage products. As early as 1832 they called the market officially Meat Market.

Even today it is very amusing and colorful at the Meat Market of Dürkheim. Here you will find a rich offer of regional and nationwide wine and champagne. This year it is supposed to be 292 sorts of them. Apart from the most popular white wine Riesling, which dominates in selling year after year, you will find also plenty champagne, red wine and rosé wine. The assortment is indeed widespread. No matter if you are a fan of dry, semi-dry, soft or sweet wine, you will not disappointed here.

To be sure, the market cannot give the attractions a miss. All in all it will be 23 carrousels which will give the visitors an enjoyable kick.

Moreover, the market will again offer a lot of sausage products which are a part of the most popular food at the market.

The specialty sausages of Cornelius Wurstwaren will unfortunately not be represented at the Dürkheim Meat Market. The good thing although is that you can buy them all year in the supermarkets.

We wish all visitors of the Dürkheim Meat Market an enjoyable and an unforgettable time!


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